Updated: Friday, May 20, 2022

Kits & Parts

from Pat Spreng's Estate - (Jim Rutherford's Sister)
Some of you may remember Pat from Jim's convention booth days. She was always there to help!


kits & kit parts

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Kits & Kit Parts

Many of these kits are from the 90's. Some have all the materials, while others have only the wood or specialty parts. Some have patterns, others do not. A few items have a slightly musty smell. We have found that leaving the material out in the fresh air or sun (shade if dyed materials) helps the smell to dissapate. These kits are sold: AS IS.

Jim Rutherford's Nantucket Lap Desk

MOLD, 2 BASES, 2 LIDS - only- no pattern. We will include some supply notes and photos of the completed desk.

@ $265.00  

Pin Dish Kit by Jeannie McFarland

Kit for Pin Dish found in Pine Needle Basketry by Jeannie McFarland. Includes raffia, pine needles, needle, tenneriffe ring & gauge - NO pattern.

@ $9.95  
Little Oval Basket by Marion Campbell. Kit includes pattern, raffia, long leaf pine needles, needle, straw for gauge.
@ $20.00 
Grannie's Goody Basket by Marilyn Wald. Kit appears to be all there. Dyed reed in dark wine. Liner in dk brown with tan & dk wine design. Wood base.
@ $36.00 
Pigeon River Purse by Pat Levitte. LID and latch only. Pattern for Pigeon River Purse included. This is an old pattern that is in black and white mimeograph.
@ $30.00 

Primitive Heart Roll Basket by Julie Kleirath. Kit appears to be complete. Includes pottery hearts, wood base, reed, dyed reed in navy, needle, cordage.
@ $35.00 
Tailgate Picnic Basket by Margaret Harness. Kit Includes: patterns, handles, 12" square for outside rim, inside platform. NO lid or reed.
@ $25.00 
Shaker and Packet Holder by Margaret Harness. Kit appears to be complete.  Includes: pattern, base, handle, reed, packet holder, salt & pepper shakers.
@ $25.00

Vanity Fair Kit - by Marolynne Huber. Pattern, parts: set blue & set pink flowers ceramic handles, wood bases, & dyed reed for 2 baskets.  NO natural reed.
@ $45.00 
Black Ash Ice Bucket Kit by Lynn Kovell 1993

Kit appears to be complete. Includes: 8" square oak lid with knob, wood handle, black ash spokes, weavers, rim piece, wood pegs & washers. No photo with pattern.

There is a small styrofoam bait bucket included, but the side has a crack. At one time, the lid was glued to the oak lid, but has come off. It would be best to get a new bait bucket.

@ $95.00  
Mini Berry with Beaded Handle - by ?

Pattern, beaded wire handle (slightly rusty), weaving supplies.

@ $6.00  
NCBA 2001 Convention Basket Kit

Pattern, wooden handpainted 2001 heart embellishment, weaving materials.

@ $6.00  
Potpourri Basket Pattern w/ reed scraps for potpourri. by Lora Khoury
@ $3.00  
Pin Cushion Basket - by Flo Hoppe

Pattern, weaving materials with grape color, fabric for cushion.

@ $6.00  
Victorian Posey Kit - by Sandy McCormick

Pattern, weaving supplies, wooden feet, beaded wire handle (slightly rusty). Basket: 3 3/4" tall x 4: dia.

@ $12.00  
Miss Sadie Pattern & Accessory Kit - by Susan Reed-Fanfoni

Accessory Kit includes: green checked fabric, fusible fleece, wooden head, jute twine, spanish moss, wie insert, small wood screw, assortment of buttons, 2" grapevine wreath, birdhouse, 2" flower pot. small bird. Sadie is 13 - 14" tall.

@ $25.00  
Grandma's Mini Iris Basket Kit
by Jodi Shebester

Appears to have all the materials, wire handle, dyed reed, etc., and pattern. 4" x 4" x 6"

@ $20.00  
"The Promise" - base & deck - parts only - no weaving materials
@ $22.95  
Rainbow - only

For large ark. Round reed dyed rainbow colors.

@ $2.00  
Night Light - pattern & parts - no weaving materials
by Mary Jane Prevo

3 x 5 handle, lamp shade, bulb included. NO weaving materials.

@ $19.95  
Snack Bowl - pattern, bowl, and base - no weaving materials
by Sherry Stephens

Includes pattern, wooden base, and plastic bowl. NO weaving materials

@ 18.95  
Salad Susan - pattern, base, bowl, divided tray - no weaving materials
by Sherry Stephens

Includes pattern, wooden base / lazy susan, and plastic bowl / relish tray. NO weaving materials

@ 28.50  
Party Server Parts - 15" slotted wood base with lazy susan, plastic divided tray to serve - no pattern - no weaving supplies

there are 2 of these sets

@ $49.00  
Plant Stand Basket Pattern & Parts for Table Top Version - no weaving materials.
by Suzanne Moore

Pattern & wooden parts for table top version of stand.

there are 2 sets of these

@ $12.00 ea. 
Elaine's Canister Parts Set - no weaving materials
by Elaine Sinclair

This is for the specialty parts & pattern only - no reed or weaving material. Set of 4 Canisters: Lg. flour 4.4 qt., Med. sugar 2.8 qt., Sm. Med. coffee 1.6 qt., Sm. tea .9 qt. Parts include: 4", 5", 6", 7" wood bases, 5 3/4", 6 3/4", 8", 9 1/4" wood lids w/ hanger for hand carved cherry scoops. Originally, these canisters were made over a plastic set from WalMart. Can be adapted to whatever is available now.

@ $85.00  
Apple Plastic Bag Dispenser Parts / Pattern - no weaving materials

Wood handles, lids, embelishments for 2 baskets. 1 pattern. No weaving materials. Handles are 7 1/2" x 16". Lids have apple knobs.

@ $39.00 
The Country Wagon Pattern and Wagon - no weaving materials
by Toni Ryincke

Wooden wagon and Pattern. No weaving materials. Wagon 8" x 13" plus handle. Basket "sits" on wagon - attaches after it is made separately.

@ $20.00  
Ash Divider for Silverware Basket
by KS Lanam Co,
@ $20.00  
Looks like a lid for a picnic basket

plywood with 4 holes on one side for hinge attachment? and 1 hole on other side for knob?

@ $2.00