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Updated: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

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Used Books - Odd 'n Ends

We recently purchased couple individual's personal basketry book library. Some of the books have been in storage since the early 90's. They are used, but in good condition unless noted. Most have been out of print for many years. We are listing them by title, author, price. Since there are many books, and only 1 of each, we are not going to "scan" the covers at this time. Please call or e-mail if you have any questions. This group is mostly made up of Odd & End books - not necessarily Basketry Books.

Limited quantities - most are only 1 copy.

The Law (In Plain English) For Craftspeople - (Leonard DuBoff) - 1988

$7.95 ea. 

Flower Drying with a Microwave (Titia Jooste) - Techniques and Projects

$8.95 ea. 

Hummel - (Eric Ehrmann) - The complete collector's guide and illustrated reference - hardcover - dustcover rough.

$12.00 ea. 

The Best of Wildlife Art (Rachel Rubin Wolf) - 96 of teh world's finest wildlife artists show you how to capture the untamed beauty of nature in all mediums - hardcover

$15.00 ea. 

Knitorama (Rachael Matthews) - 25 Great & Glam Thinsg to Knit

$16.95 ea. 

Gift Baskets (Maureen Burgess) - hardcover - 1983 - ideas for gift baskets - dust jacket torn

$17.50 ea. 

Synthetic Dyeing; for Spinners, Weavers, Knitters, and Embroiderers (Frances and Tony Tompson) - hardcover - 1987- using the many synthetic dyes available

$18.90 ea. 

Festive Decorations (Ming Veevers-Carter) - hardcover - 1990 - ideas for flowers, wreaths, and trees

Hip to Crochet (Judith L. Swartz) - 23 Contemporary Projects for Today's Crocheter

Museum of Appalachia's Annual Tennessee Fall Homecoming (John Rice Irwin) - 7th Annual program

Pin Loom Weaving (Margaret Stump) - 40 Projects for Tiny Hand Looms.

$19.95 ea. 

Decorating Baskets (Dawn Cusick) - hardcover - 1990 - ideas for decorating handmade or readymade baskets

Living with Decorative Textiles (Nicholas Barnard) - Tribal Arts from Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

$24.95 ea. 

American Craft Today - Poetry of the Physical (American Craft Museum) - hardcover - large table top book full of beautiful photos of contemporary crafts in many fields. not many baskets...

$35.95 ea. 

Summer & Winter - and Other Two-tie Unit Weaves (Harriet Tidball) - Shuttle Craft Monograph 19 - Drafts & Patterns for the Loom

$39.00 ea. 

Linen - From Flax Seed to Woven Cloth (Linda Heinrich) - hardcover - Follow the saga of this remarkable fiber from seed to woven fabric.

$49.99 ea. 

Arizona Highways - back issues

No reference to basketry in these issues. Limited quantities - most are only 1 copy.

June 1967 - "Petrified Forest" - cover not attached

March 1969 - "1869 - John Wesley Powell - 1969"

March 1971 - "The Southwest of Olaf Wieghorst"

$4.00 ea.