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Updated: Wednesday, February 9, 2022

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Used Basketry Books

We recently purchased an individual's personal basketry book library. The books have been in storage since the early 90's. They are used, but in good condition unless noted. Most have been out of print for many years. We are listing them by title, author, price. Since there are many books, and only 1 of each, we are not going to "scan" the covers at this time. Please call or e-mail if you have any questions.

Limited quantities - most are only 1 copy.

Plaited Basketry: The Woven Form (Shereen LaPlantz) - punched copy in 3 ring binder

$25.95 ea. 

A Bearer of Tradition, Dwight Stump, Basketmaker (Rosemary O. Joyce) - hardcover - 1989 - information - 2 of these.

$26.95 ea. 

Beads & Threads (Diane Fitzgerald & Helen Banes) - A New Technique for Fiber Jewelry. black cover scuffed

Making the New Baskets (Jane LaFerla) - 1999 - 2 of these - 1 library copy, 1 used copy - Alternative Materials, Simple Techniques

Weavers of Tradition & Beauty; Basketmakers of the Great Basin (Mary Lee Fulkerson) - 1995 - information

$27.95 ea. 

Color Rattan - Japanese Book 7809 - in Japanese, but easy to follow step-by-step photos. Round Reed.

The Craft of Hawaiian Lauhala Weaving (Adren J Bird, Steven Goldsberry, J. Puninani Kanekoa Bird) - guide to weave leaves of hala tree into useful articles including baskets.

Voices of the Winds (Margot Edmonds & Ella E. Clark - Native American Legends - hardcover

$29.95 ea. 

Southern California Luiseno Indian Baskets (Justin F. Farmer) - 2004 - hardcover - information

$33.95 ea. 

Aboriginal American Indian Basketry (Otis Tufton Mason) - hardcover - thick book of techniques and information regarding Native American basketry. Many photos, color & black and white - drawings.

Cedar (Hilary Stewart) - hardcover - 1990 - fifth printing - information - black cover scuffed

Modern Basketry Techniques (Barbara Maynard) - hardcover - 1989 - information, techniques, patterns - round materials

$35.95 ea. 

Apache Indian Baskets (Clara Lee Tanner) - hardcover - 1982 first edition - information - dust jacket is in rough shape - book very good

500 Baskets - A Celebration of the Basketmaker's Art (Lark Books) - Spectacular Color Gallery of Traditional and Contemporary Baskets.

Illustrated History of Indian Baskets and Plates made by California Indians and Many Other Tribes (Leo K. Brown) - reprint in 1974 of original 1915 catalog of Panama-Pacific International Exposition - information & photos

$45.00 ea. 

Indian Baskets of the Southwest (Clara Lee Tanner) - 1989 edition - hardcover - information

$58.00 ea.