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Pat Spreng Estate: Kits & Parts - Pat was Jim Rutherford's sister. Many of you knew her from conventions where she was always ready to help in Jim's Vending Booth. Sadly, Pat passed away in January. We will be adding more to these pages as time goes by. This is a start! Her books have already been added to the Book Pages below.

Ply-Split Tools

This is a one-time purchase of tools for Ply-Split Basketmaking. Very limited quantity.

Trillium Cordmaker

only 1 of these available

For folks wishing to make their own cordage for Ply-Split Basketmaking.

Designed to be driven by a variable speed electric drill (not included) with a 3/8" chuck.

Quickly applies the initial ove-twist, and then by releasing the head, creates the controlled counter-twist. Can make S-twist or Z-twist by reversing the drill rotation direction. Can be used hand-held or with wooden holder that slides along a table.

Retail / Wholesale:

ea. @ $145.00 

Ply-Split Gripfids

Available in 3 sizes.

3.7mm, 4.5mm, or 6.5mm


ea. @ $22.50 


ea. @ $18.00 

Scarfing Template

xxxxxxx3/4" x5/8" 1/2" 3/8"


Try this handy gadget for making your rim splices on Flat Oval Reed! Secure the end of the rim material in the clamp. The slots are already tapered. Scrap away the excess material to get a nicely scarfed end. Turn the rim piece around, secure upside down, and scrap again. The pieces will lay together in a nice join. Made from heavy gauge aluminum. Slots for: 3/4", 5/8", 1/2", & 3/8" widths Flat Oval. One price.

Retail / Wholesale:

ea. @ $37.95 

The Reed Organizer

Each strap holds approximately 2 pounds of reed. A Single Organizer will hold up to 12 lbs. The Double can store up to 22 lbs. of reed. They are also great for organzing your handles!!!

The Reed Organizer can be hung on a nail or hook on a wall, or hung on a hanger or a rod in a closet. It allows air flow around the reed coils, and gives easy access to what you need! Find your item at a glance.

The Organizers have many other uses as well. Try them for belts, purses, totes, scarves, etc.!

Single Organizer - 6 loops

mixed colors - our choice


ea. @ $20.85 


ea. @ $16.65 
Double Organizer - 11 loops

mixed colors - our choice


ea. @ $28.95 


ea. @ $23.15 

Black Cane

dyed through - has shiny & matte finish - 250' coils

Super-Fine Carriage - 1.5mm


ea. @ $15.25 


ea. @ $12.15 
Super-Fine - 2.00mm
ea. @ $15.99 
ea. @ $12.79 
Fine-Fine - 2.25mm
ea. @ $16.99 
ea. @ $13.65 
Medium - 3.00mm
ea. @ $26.99 
ea. @ $21.55 
Common - 3.50mm
ea. @ $31.29 
ea. @ $25.05 
4mm Binder
ea. @ $26.15 
ea. @ $20.95 
5mm Binder
ea. @ $35.10 
ea. @ $28.20 

Lashing Tools - Bent tip with opening for weaver.

erganomic handle - 2 sizes openings for lashers

Retail: Wholesale:
5/16" long opening
ea. @ $12.39 
ea @ $9.95 
1/8" long opening
ea @ $12.39 
ea. @ $9.95 

New lower price!!!

Excel Scraper with Square Blade

no longer comes with knife blade


@ $8.25

@ $6.50
Excel Replacement Square Blade

now with 2 blades / package!


@ $4.95

@ $3.95