Silver and Other Interesting Beads

These are sterling beads that we have in our showroom. Due to the pandemic, we have not had many walk-in customers, so are offering these to our "online" customers. There are more of some varieties available than others. Some are "one-ofs". Many are starting to tarnish somewhat, but can be polished. When the beads are gone, we will not be replacing them.

Silver Discs - Brushed

thin - sterliing


6mm - each

@ 43¢ ea. 

10mm - each

@ $1.32 ea. 
Squiggles & Rods


vary from 15mm - 35 mm

string of 29 - 30 pc.

rods are solid - not hollow

@ $41.95 /string 
string of 25 pc.

rods are solid - not hollow

only 1 of these

@ $36.25 /string 
Silver Pendant 40mm x 40mm square - hammered look

only one of these

@ $24.95 ea. 
Silver Shell Charm 10mm x 12mm widest point

smaller - 4 of these

@ $6.95 ea.
15mm x 15mm

larger - 2 of these

@ $6.95 ea. 
Silver Curved Tubes 48mm at widest x 15mm at curve
4mm tube

3 of these

@ $10.95 ea. 
Silver "Flying Saucer" shapes 7mm dia. x 5mm thick
@ $1.65 ea. 
Silver Rounds with Hearts 6mm dia. x 6mm
@ $4.75 ea. 
Silver Rounds with Stars 6mm dia. x 6mm
@ $4.75 ea. 
Silver "Footballs"


12mm long x 8mm thick at middle
@ $4.68 ea. 
Silver Rounds

thin - brushed

10mm dia. x 4mm thickest
@ $2.55 ea. 
Flattened Ovals


15mm dia x 3mm thick
@ $2.68 ea. 


5mm x 5mm x 6mm long
@ $1.58 ea. 
Flared Rectangles

thin - brushed

8mm top x 13mm bottom x 15mm overall height x 4mm thickest - hole from top to bottom. Bottom slightly curved
@ $5.89 ea. 

thin - brushed

6mm x 6mm x 3mm thick - hole through edge
@ $1.66 ea. 

puffed - brushed

7mm x 7mm x 4mm thickest - hole through edge
@ $1.90 ea. 
Silver Rectangles


5mm x 5mm x 8mm long
@ $2.39 ea.
Silver Thin Tubes


3mm dia. x 7mm long
@ 79¢ ea. 
Silver Fat Tubes


4.5mm dia. x 7mm long
@ $1.49 ea. 
Flattened Squares

thin - brushed

8mm x 8mm x 3mm thick

hole through middle

@ $1.79ea. 
Flattened Squares

smaller - brushed

6mm x 6mm x 4mm thick

hole through middle

@ $1.65 ea. 


6mm dia.
@ $1.00 ea. 
Gold Plated Sterling Faceted Beads 3mm
@ 30¢ ea.
Gold Plated Sterling "Flower" Discs 3mm x 1mm thick
@ 32¢ ea. 
Sterling Lined Glass large hole - green with blue squiggle

5 of these

@ $6.95 ea. 
large hole - speckled egg

5 of these

@ $6.95 ea. 
large hole - clear w/ black & gold leaf

4 of these

@ $6.95 ea. 
Silver Color Heart Charm Pendant charm with pink gemstone. "Love" engraved on back of heart.
@ $5.95 ea. 
Copper Nugget Beads sizes vary - approx. 25mm x 20mm - hollow
@ $6.95 ea. 
African Spindle Whorls

handmade pottery

approx. 1" dia. - vary - handmade

different designs - our choice

@ 10.00 ea. 
Petrified Wood Beads

from Burma

various sizes rounds, tubes, rectangles, squares w/ handpainted designs

only 2 strands w/ different beads - our choice

@ $49.95 /strand