Waxed Linen Thread (cord)

Crawford Label Waxed Linen

Waxed Linen Thread 10 Yard Packages

For several years, we have packaged 4, 7, & 12 ply waxed linen in 10 yard bundles , to be sold in our vending booths at conventions. These packages were not available online. We have decided to discontinue the 10 yard packages, so we are running a "Closeout" on them. There is a limited supply, and once they are gone, we will not make them anymore. Note: There is no bulk price for these packages.

Please Note: Dyelots vary with each shipment. Monitors see colors differently.
These colors are only for reference and WILL NOT BE EXACT!!!

sizes prices listed below color "chips"


10 yard packages in 12 ply only

Robin Egg Blue


Gone: denim 4 ply

Royal Blue

Gone royal blue 4 ply

Navy Blue


Gone: turquoise 4 ply




Dark Emerald Green

Dark Forest Green

Olive Drab

Victorian Rose

Gone: Victorian Rose - 4 ply

Light Rose



Country Red




Orange Crush

Dark Rust

Gone: dark rust 12 ply

Light Rust

Gone: light rust 4 ply


Country Yellow *

* this tends to have a greenish cast to it

Lemon Yellow

Bright Autumn Yellow

Gone: bright autumn yellow 4 ply


Walnut Brown

Gone: walnut 4 ply

Dark Chocolate

Slate Grey

Gone: slate grey 4 ply

Charcoal Grey


Gone: black 4 ply

10 yard - Waxed Linen Thread Packages

There is a very limited supply left of most colors / sizes.

Out of: Black, Bright Autumn Yellow, Denim, Light Rust, Mint, Royal Blue, Slate Grey, Turquoise, Walnut Brown, Victorian Rose, White, Williamsburg Blue

4 ply waxed linen thread
10 yd. package @ $3.75 ea.

Out of Black & White

7 ply waxed linen thread
10 yd. package @ $4.95 ea

Out of Dark Rust

12 ply waxed linen thread
10 yd. package @ $7.50 ea.

Waxed Linen Thread made in the United States

These cords are thicker than the Crawford waxed linen. 4 ply is closer to 7 ply Crawford, and 6 ply is probably about like 12 ply Crawford in diameter. Limited quantity. Discontinued when gone.

4 Ply
Heather Sand
10 yd. pkg.
@ $3.25

6 Ply
Heather Sand
10 yd. pkg.
@ $3.90

6 Ply
10 yd. pkg.
@ $3.90