Weaving Materials

Odd & End Naturals, Coiling Materials, Bark

Sorry, but due to the high cost of shipping, we no longer carry willow.
Also, tenneriffe rings for coiling are no longer available.

"Odd & End Naturals"
& Mylar Lace

Dracaena Draco

Long slender leaves with wider orangey ends

individual leaf
@ $1.90
Palm Inflorescence
Unusual knobby stalks add wonderful texture to your baskets.
Need to be soaked  2 - 3 hours.
approx. 8 oz.

not always in stock

@ $11.90
Philodendron Leaf Sheaths
Can be used as decoration, twined into basket, or coil on top of gourd!
Soak only as long as necessary to soften for weaving.
@ $1.20 ea.
Devil's Claw
the "claw" itself
@ $2.95 ea.
Mylar Lace


1/4" wide - 25 yd. spool

discontinued - only a couple left

@ $22.45

Bearded Wheat
Bearded Wheat

8 oz. pkg.
stems approx. 15 - 16" long
approx. 60 pc. / bundle

@ $12.35
Black Bearded Wheat

8 oz. pkg.
stems approx. 15-16" long
approx. 60 pc. / bundle

current supply is not quite as dark - goes from black to natural at ends of beards

@ $12.35

Coiling Materials & Supplies

Pine Needles
9 - 12" long.  Washed.  4 oz. pkg.

@ $15.35

Dried in the shade - greener than usual

the needles will eventually turn brown

4 oz. pkg.

@ $15.35

Dyed Pine Needles

2 oz. bundles. Dyed by us with Jacquard Dye. Deep rich colors. DYELOTS VARY EACH TIME!
As with all dyed material - wipe with paper towel before weaving into basket to prevent color bleeding.


Our current inventory is more of a dark hunter green than true black.


These are a bluish-purple with a coppery metallic look - very pretty but different than "blue"




Red / Scarlet



available in: black - dk. hunter green, blue, brown, emerald, moss, ochre purple, red / scarlet, teal (currently not available), violet

2 oz. bundle(s) @ $18.75


Northeastern Aromatic Sweetgrass. Smells terrific!

All of our sweetrass is straight. We no longer carry the braids.

Straight approx.  1/2 oz.
@ $4.80
approx.  1 oz.
@ $8.85
approx.  8 oz.
@ $64.36
approx.  1 pound
@ $122.48

Use for coiling onto gourds, coiling or twining miniatures, or tie a "wisp" to your basket.

approx. 15" long


Tortoise Shell
(salt & pepper)







(currently more teal)



black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, turquoise (current dyelot is more teal), white, or yellow

1/2 oz. pkg.

@ $4.35
4 oz. pkg.

@ $26.79

tortoise shell (salt & pepper), or white

1/2 oz. pkg.

@ $5.65
4 oz. pkg.

@ $45.15


Finest quality Madagascar raffia - the best for coiling.

Unprocessed and untreated.
Size varies: approx. 1/2 - 3/4 lb. - new packaging in bag
 @ $20.95

Dyed Raffia
Great for adding color, decoration to baskets.
1.75 - 2 oz. pkg.
Colors available: emerald green, pink, mauve (actually more salmon), yellow

discontinued - only 1 yellow left.

@ $4.40 
6 oz. pkg.
Color available: Christmas green
@ $5.30

Raffia Mixes
Great in tapestry type jewelry and baskets! Five small bundles of different colors in one pkg.

limited quantity of these left - discontinued

6 oz. pkg. - 4 colors: hunter green, red, emerald green, red, natural
@ $5.95

Pine Needle Coiling Gauge

flared on 1 end

These are no longer available from our supplier. If you know of a source, please let us know.

copper - 1/4"
1/4" @ $2.75
copper - 5/16"
5/16" @ $2.85
Pine Needle Coiling Gauge

flared on both ends

These are no longer available from our supplier. If you know of a source, please let us know.

copper - 5/16"
5/16" @ $3.35
Walnut Slices

These are no longer available from our supplier. If you know of a source, please let us know.

for coiling centers
@ $1.20


Hickory Bark

The preferred bark for weaving seats on chairs & stools.  It can also be used for weavers, stakes, or in decorative work for basketry. Heavier bark can be used for handles or rims. - Hickory bark will be discontinued as supplies run out. The maker is no longer able to gather it.

5/8" - 3/4" x 8 ft. long strips
$11.85 ea. 
6" x 8 ft. long strips
$56.99 ea. 

Elm Bark

Just like it comes from the tree. Must be processed to be used as you desire

pc. under 1/4 lb.
@ $4.50
pc. 1/4-1/2 1b.
@ $8.95
pc. 3/4" wide x 6 ft. long
@ $11.75

For Bark Covered Wire - see "Wire" section

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