Shadow, our shop cat, tells you about Royalwood's History.



Sadly, in March,'23, Shadow passed on to "Kitty Heaven". He was with us nearly 19 years, and was definitely one of the Royalwood family.


Hi! I'm Shadow!

Royalwood Ltd. is my home. It has been ever since I was nothing more than a handful of black fur! This is a great place to live - a virtual Kitty Playground! All those shelves full of basketmaking supplies to climb. Boxes of handles to explore! Bubble wrap & packing material to roll in. Carts of shipping boxes to ride in! Whee! What a great life! I love it so much here, that I want to tell you all about my home!

My building is located in a quiet residential area of Mansfield, Ohio. Royalwood is way older than I am (except in cat years). It started out 50 + years ago as a Furniture Refinishing & Stripping shop. Back then, the specialty here was antique restoration along with seat weaving and some wicker repair. Supplies used for seat weaving were kept in stock and sometimes sold to local folks doing that sort of work for a hobby or a small business. After a while, the supply end of the business grew to include basket making supplies. Eventually, the refinishing part of the business was "shoved out the door" so to speak - when there was no longer any room or time left for this activity. Many years ago, basket weaving workshops were held on site, but after a while, there was no room for classes, either. As a result, The Basket Gathering was born. But... that is another story.

I currently, have four humans at Royalwood. Kathy and Bill Halter, the owners, used to come and go a lot. Some of you have probably run into them at various conferences and conventions where they attend as vendors. They seem to enjoy all the hustle and bustle of those events, seeing their friends, and meeting the customers "in person". They liked to travel so much, that for a few years, they arranged and led Basketmaker Tours to Thailand, Laos, Ecuador, and Chile.

Dottie and John answer the phone and pack the orders. John has been working here the longest - over 35 years! Rumor has it, he is one of the people that talked Bill and Kathy into expanding into the basketry supplies in the first place. Dottie (who feeds me when the shop is closed) has been here more than 34 years! Karen and Carla both retired after 27 years each. Some of you probably remember my friends, Jim and Dorothy. They have both passed on to the great basketmaking heaven above. I still miss their happy faces.

Royalwood carries a wide variety of items for the seatweaver, basketmaker, gourd artist, beader, and other fiber artists. Besides handling the usual reed, cane, handles, hoops, & waxed linen, my humans like to search out and find fibers and items that are unusual or different that can be incorporated into all sorts of basketry as well as other projects. There are lots of tools for sale. Also, quite a few beads are around the place, too. They make great basket & waxed linen amulet pouch embellishments!

I am now the "oldster" cat, being 17 years young. These days, I mostly enjoy sitting in my office chair - hopefully in a ray of sunshine coming through the window. To keep things interesting and me moving, my humans took in 2 rescue cats a few years ago, so now I have 2 younger friends, Winter & Spitfire. It is nice having company when the humans are not in the shop.

If you are ever in our area, come visit us! We love company, especially Winter! But, if you are too far away to visit in person, we have a toll free number, a toll free fax, and a website with a shopping cart to make ordering easy for you. If you place your order before noon, chances are good it will go out the same day if traveling by UPS! My humans will do their best to take good care of you!